Edgewood Elementary School

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Welcome Back, Eagles!

We at Edgewood Elementary are excited to open the Eagle’s nest and continue our learning journey. Please note our early dismissal time of 11:41. For bus students, please see the attached schedule. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Please see the following message from Mr. Dubinsky, SD10 Superintendent.

Return to School delay

Hello, EES Families.

This is just a reminder that our Eagles will not be returning to regular classes as initially planned. All students now return to school on Monday, January 10, 2022, as expressed in Mr. Cook’s email to parents last week.

The hope is that this approach will allow public health and BC schools additional time to assess the Omicron variant’s impacts and prepare for the implementation of any enhanced health and safety plans.

Please get in touch with the school administration if you have any questions.

Updates are still coming our way, and we will continue to provide information for you as we learn more.

Thanks for your patience.

First Day of School

We are looking forward to seeing our Eagles tomorrow!

The first day is a half-day, 8;30-12:10.

The Bus schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

Pick up

Fauquier- 7:55am

Gravel Pit- 8:15am

Hwy 6 Junction- 8:18am

Robinson Rd- 8:22am


Fauquier- 12:52pm

Gravel Pit- 12:37pm

Hwy 6 Junction- 12:32pm

Robinson Rd- 12:30pm

See you tomorrow!!!

2021-22 Budget Consultation Meeting

Photo Day Monday

EES Restart Safety Plan

Hi Eagle families,

Here is our safety plan for the upcoming school year. The health and safety of our students and staff are of the utmost concern. Please take a look at the plan, and if you have any concerns contact Mr. Cook- brent.cook@sd10.bc.ca.

EES Health and Safety guidelines Handbook

Covid 19 Upadte- Reopen Plan

Hi Eagle Familes,

We hope you are all safe and enjoying the beauty of Summer. Please check out the SD10 website for Covid-19 related information and our district Start-up Plan.

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