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Month: January 2017

Foundation Skills Assessment

Foundation Skills Assessment Information

Family Literacy Week, Jan 23 – 27

Book Swap

Celebrating Family Literacy Week

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

12:30 – 1:00 in the Gym at EES

Bring a book or take a book, its free, everyone’s welcome

 Sponsored by CBAL, IVRC and Edgewood Elementary School

Ski Days


Ski lessons start tomorrow, Thursday, January 5, please note the following information.

All persons who are on the ski hill, regardless of whether they are skiing or not, require a pass. No one will be allowed up the lift or on the ski hill without one. For parent helpers who are not skiing/boarding but who are on the ski hill, even simply observing, are required to have a walking pass. These passes are free and can be obtained either at the rental shop or through the ski school coordinator.

Parent helpers are charged $11 for a lift pass and $7 for rentals. This is a reduced rate from the $21 for a lift pass and $18 for a rental that the hill usually charges.


Important Information:


  • Extra Clothing: Students should dress warmly. Dressing in Layers is the best. Socks should be warm, tight-fitting and come up to the calf or knee. Water proof or resistant gloves or mittens are strongly recommended. Extra socks and gloves in the backpacks are great for cold feet and hands.


  • Helmets are Mandatory: Students may use hockey, bicycle or riding helmets if they do not have a ski helmet. There are only a few helmets available at the ski hill rental shop.



  • Snacks and Lunch: Students should bring a large lunch and snacks. There is a small cafeteria at the ski hill with a variety of snacks, drinks and warm meals available for purchase.


  • Parent Help: We would like to encourage and welcome parent helpers to join in.


Transportation Home: Students who will be travelling home with their parents need to make sure they have communicated this to a teacher or bus driver before they go